My name is Scott Factor, sometimes referred to by friends as THE Scott Factor, due to the popularity of a certain news program on FOX news channel.   I’m a son, brother,  motorcycle rider, airplane pilot, gun owner, independent thinker, and a conservative.  I was raised in Florida by a caring family with differing views, all of whom had different ideas about what was best for our nation, each ready to defend thier views. Defending a viewpoint seems to be a concept lost on our elected politicians as they only seek to defend thier jobs.

Goofy Random Facts

Desktop or laptop: Both

Favorite game: Monopoly

Favorite charity: Metropolitan Ministries

Shoe size: 12

First car:  My fist car was a motorcycle

Favorite Food: Pasta, with red sauce of course.

I started this blog in response to our political representative’s inability to understand the word REPRESENT.  It seems that they have adopted the term LEADERSHIP, invoking it whenever they don’t wish to do the will of those they represent. Funny, but I never recalled the Constitution establishing a house of leadership, rather, a House of Representatives. 

I ask to be represented before my federal governing body.  I ask that they represent my values, my beliefs, my dreams of the future of our nation, and obtain those few things needed from a federal governing body. Legislate those powers granted by the Constitution and NOT those powers the Constitution grants to the States.  Leave that to the States.

Since the elected members of Congress seem to have forgotten to read the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution,  we the people have a responsibility to point out to them those times in which they over-step their authority. 

Does this sound like frustration?  It is, so I give to the politicians this blog.

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