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The following was written by Gina Miller. Her opinions don’t necessarily reflect those of, but because they’re here, they probably do. 

Give It To Somebody Else...I'm Busy!

Little things mean a lot; so sang Kitty Kallen back in 1954. 

If you had not been paying close attention, you might have missed the little exchange between Barack Obama and Texas Governor Rick Perry when Obama visited Texas on Monday to do some fundraising and speaking.

Air Force One landed in Austin shortly before noon, and as Obama disembarked, he was greeted by Governor Perry and Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell, as well as Senator Kirk Watson and State Representative Mark Strama.  After shaking hands with Obama and saying a few brief words, Governor Perry reached into his suit jacket and withdrew a letter he had written to Obama imploring the White House to act quickly and aggressively to help secure the border.  When he attempted to give the letter to Obama, Obama waived it off and pointed to his Chicago buddy and senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett.  She took the letter from Governor Perry. 

Now, you may think this is a very small thing of which to make a big deal.  But this is just one more of many, many examples of Obama being an arrogant jerk.  That’s the only way to describe his behavior.  Whether he got to the White House legitimately or not, he is now in the position of president of the United States, and as such, he should at least respect the office enough to behave with dignity.  He has repeatedly demonstrated that he not only does not respect the office of the president, but he has actively worked to diminish it. 

Almost from the moment he was inaugurated, he began showing his contempt for the position and his disdain for our country, whether it was sending the bust of Churchill back to Britain or snubbing some of our closest allies or apologizing all over the world for our great nation, he has been nothing but a shameful worm infesting the Oval Office.  I say this with anger and sadness at what Obama and his administration have visited upon our country to date—you know the laundry list; I don’t have to remind you of it all.  

This man is not what most of the poor, wrong-thinking Democrats and Independents imagined they were getting when they stupidly cast their vote for him.  He is now revealing himself to be the far left radical we warned you about before the election.  He has surrounded himself with like-minded minions, all of whom wish to destroy the foundation of America and rebuild it on the shifting sands of socialism. 

I guess that’s why Obama’s brush-off of Rick Perry irked me so.  Obama’s ruthless arrogance and juvenile insolence are a complete disgrace to the office of the president.  I understand that Governor Perry has been quite critical of Obama and his policies, especially concerning the border.  But we’re talking about the president of the United States and a sitting state governor, not two rivals at a bowling alley!  Obama’s treatment of Governor Perry was despicable, but oh-so typical of Obama. 

Governor Perry’s letter was a four-page plea for more National Guard troops to be deployed on the Texas-Mexico border.  The letter was polite and respectful, but it firmly communicated the need for the federal government to do one of the few jobs the Constitution actually requires of it—secure the borders!  Governor Perry outlined the drug wars raging right at the border, and he cited several examples of violence that has spilled over into our country. 

He pointed out that the drug cartels are now using car bombs, which, in my opinion is likely the influence of Muslim terrorists who have long been rumored to be working with Mexican cartels. 

Governor Perry respectfully took the feds to task for neglecting their duties: 

“The need for border security along the Rio Grande should no longer be underestimated by the federal government, Mr. President.  An unsecured border is a threat to our national security and to the safety and security of all our citizens. …The federal government must step up and finally do what is needed to secure our borders.” 

I’m certain Governor Perry is not holding his breath, since he’s standing in line behind the state of Arizona, which this treasonous administration is actually suing for daring to defend itself against criminal invasion from south of the border.  Truly, our country is currently being run by a group of enemies of America; there can be no question about it to anyone with even one eye half-open.  And at the head of the treacherous pack is Barack Obama, a man without an ounce of class. 

Originally from Texas, Gina is a graduate of William Carey College in Gulfport, MS, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Gina currently presents an audio blog on News Radio 104.9 FM in Biloxi, MS. Her blogs can be heard twice weekly on the Kipp Gregory morning show.


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