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A poorly made car bomb was found smoking in Times Square last night. Thousands of tourists were cleared from the streets for 10 hours while the bomb was dismantled. “We avoided what we could have been a very deadly event,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. “It certainly could have exploded and had a pretty big fire and a decent amount of explosive impact.”  FOX News is reporting:

New York Gov. David Paterson released a statement calling the failed Times Square bomb scare an “act of terrorism.”

Investigators removed three propane tanks, fireworks, two filled 5-gallon gasoline containers, and two clocks with batteries, electrical wire and other components from the back of the Nissan Pathfinder, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. A black metal box resembling a gun locker was also recovered and will be detonated off site, he said.

Bloomberg called the explosive device “amateurish” and Kelly said the explosives were consumer-grade fireworks but could have caused huge damage on a block of Broadway theaters and restaurants teeming with tourists.

New York City police close down parts of Times Square after a ‘failed incendiary device’ was found in car.

“I think the intent was to cause a significant ball of fire,” Kelly said.

Firefighters who arrived shortly after first call heard a popping sound, said Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano, who described the sound as not quite an explosion.

The bomb appeared to be starting to detonate but malfunctioned, top police spokesman Paul Browne told The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

No suspects were in custody, although Kelly said a surveillance video showed the car driving west on 45th Street before it parked between Seventh and Eighth Avenues. Police were looking for more video from office buildings that weren’t open at the time
“The full attention of city, state and federal law enforcement will be turned to bringing the guilty party to justice in this act of terrorism,” Gov. David Paterson said in a statement. Bloomberg did not describe it as an act of terrorism..

Times Square - Terrorist Target

Lemme guess…they are looking for Mohamed or Achmed, and CAIR is going to “denounce this cowardly act”. Meanwhile, if you look closely, you’ll probably find that CAIR has some connection to the car bombers, as will some mosque from the “non-violent” religion.

I’d bet money on it.

3 Responses to “Car Bomb In Times Square”

  • web_supergurl says:

    I just heard it might be retribution for the Islamic south park episode, COME ON! What Muslim adults watch a cartoon and then want to blow up people? Disturbing to say the least.

  • Admin says:

    Answer: All of them. This religion is not peaceful….the ultimate goal is to convert all people to Islam. If you don’t believe that, then take a look at the Quran that is distributed by most American muslims. It is a re-print of the original, complete with radical changes, courtesy of the Saudis. It is meant to teach a radical form of this religion.

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