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The Stall Says "Congress", not "Democrats".

People who have spent time around me have often heard me refer to people who are, “…victims of the great marketing machine”. What I mean by that is simple. Although mass marketing existed in the 19th century, it really didn’t take off running until after World War II.  New electronic medium made possible the sending of messages to millions of people through radio and television, newspapers and magazines. The idea of “mass” really means more than mass messaging, taking into account mass wealth and mass spending that occurred after that war. 

Companies sprang up that specialized in developing messages that would target certain groups of people.  These messages had to be communicated in such a manner as to make the receiver see them in the most favorable light.  Soon it became apparent that these messages could make people see themselves as they wanted to be seen, not as they think they are seen. How exactly does that work? 

If a man wants to be seen as attractive to women, put a pretty girl in a commercial for a car and that man will think that pretty girls will come running to him if he buys that car. Ladies, you’re guilty, too….only the youngest, freshest faces are in the commercials for make-up, so if you want to look that young again, buy that Covergirl brand and you will regain your youth.  What does all of this mean? 

The political parties have also become experts at marketing themselves. The Democrats have convinced the working class that they are the party to represent hardworking, middle-class, blue-collar union folks. On top of that, the Democrats have also convinced ideological doo-gooders that the Party will help the doo-gooders spread the wealth and prosperity by going after those mean rich people. Funny, but most of the representatives in Congress were wealthy long before they got there. 

The Republicans, on the other hand, have marketed themselves as the champions of free enterprise, less spending, lower taxes, and more personal freedom. Funny, but all of those bank bailouts that former President Bush started sure don’t look like free enterprise to me…..and the deficits that were incurred during the Bush years don’t resemble a “less spending” policy, although the Bush backers like to use the war spending as an excuse. 

The reality is that both parties have only one true goal: Survival of the party.  Congress has made this evident, especially in the House. From the time they are elected, they spend the next two years of their term raising money to get re-elected.  To do this, they go out and convince the voters that they are representative of the voters’ desires, making the labels of liberal and conservative muddy. Republicans seem to excel at this. 

Edward H. Crane, founder of the CATO Institute, has some great insight into this in his article that appeared in the National Review (Online) on April 29, 2009.  Mr. Crane states, in part:

Strategically, conservatives have made three major mistakes. The first was to follow the advice of supply-side guru (and big-government Democrat) Jude Wanniski and not talk about spending cuts, much less the proper role of government. Economic growth replaced individual liberty as the rallying cry of far too many GOPers. Second, the neocons — mostly statists themselves — should never have been accepted into the fold. All they give us is a war against a country that never attacked us and schemes for “national greatness” like going to Mars. Enough. Finally, conservatives should jettison the social agenda of gay marriage, flag burning, and school prayer, and focus instead on federalism. Politics is about man’s relationship to the state. That relationship, to be healthy, should be minimal

Party politics should be the cement that holds people of a common bond together. It has become nothing but a monster that feeds on the very people it was meant to serve.  Until the leadership of the Republican Party comes to this conclusion and makes changes – serious changes – it will not be able to regain control of our government and the Democrats will hold onto our government in 2010. Anger with the Democrats will only get the Republicans so far….  Are you listening RNC?

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