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The Solution?

Iran, the headache of the world, seems intent on developing nuclear weapons that they will inevitably use against the United States or neighboring Israel. Sanctions that have put Iran into financial chaos have not helped to convince them that they need to stop this nuclear project. This is because sanctions don’t work with these nut jobs. Diplomacy doesn’t work with these nut jobs. There really is only one solution, and it is obvious.   

Iran, who actively trains fighters in methods to kill our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, should be viewed as a war ally of the enemy and treated as such. We should launch active covert and military campaigns against this country. However, due to our dependence on foreign oil, this would be a risky move to our economy. So what other options do we have?  The solution is obvious. 

Inside Iran are other politically active forces that are more moderate than the current regime. If these more moderate powers were to assume control, much of this problem would go away. The question is, how do we help the change of power along?  The solution is obvious.

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