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The Democrats have been crying about recent death threats and acts of vandalism in the wake of the healthcare legislation they voted into law last weekend.  It appears by news reports that there have been death threats phoned in to several members of Congress, shots fired through windows of Democratic party offices, and  bricks thrown through windows. 

While I do not condone violence, I have to say….what did they expect?  They were elected to represent the American people and instead they assume this role of “leader” and make decisions not based on the needs of their constituents, rather their own ideological dreams of conquest. Who do these idiots think they are? 

What’s even more disturbing is that these idiots point a finger of blame at some of the news pundits, insinuating that they are fueling these violent acts.  Hey, Reid and Pelosi, I have a clue for you!!  These acts of violence are directed at you because you yourselves have fueled them with your tax-and-spend mentality that is driving our country into bankruptcy. If you want to know where the problem lies, look in the mirror. You have aligned yourselves with the likes of the king whom the revolutionaries of the 1700’s rebelled against. They took up arms, decided they had enough taxation without representation, and took control of their own destiny. 

Sound familiar?

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