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The following was written by Gina Miller. Her opinions don’t necessarily reflect those of, but because they’re here, they probably do.

Many of us who have eyes to see are quite aware of the trouble our nation is in today.  We understand that our government, courts, education system, entertainment industry and all our other major institutions have been invaded, and in many cases commandeered, by communist enemies within our own country—people who were blessed to be born in this, the greatest nation in the history of the world, only to turn with a deadly vengeance the knife of corruption on their own country.  These people are deluded at best, and black-heartedly evil at worst. 

With the mind-numbing volume of outright criminal activity coming out of our own federal government, it is sometimes difficult to not become overwhelmed by feelings of helplessness in the face of seemingly unchecked, unaccountable, destructive government and societal power.  But, we must not be deterred in working to educate ourselves and those we know about what takes place in our local, state and federal governments and the importance of standing strong against the anti-American, anti-freedom forces in our nation and of voting out of power those who work against the interests of the United States. 

While I often deal with large, national issues, today I want to put the Big Picture aside for a moment and focus on a microcosm of the very wickedness about which I usually write.  I want to tell you about a man and his wife and the terrible and needless battle they have fought for five years.  It’s a battle that should never take place in our great nation, because it goes against the very freedoms and liberties our founding fathers fought so valiantly to bring to pass here in America. 

Because of the huge amount of media coverage, you have likely heard the gut-wrenching story of Terri Schiavo, the brain-injured woman whose family fought against the State of Florida and Terri’s “husband” to simply bring her home and care for her out of their own expense.  The forces of evil ultimately prevailed, and Terri was murdered by court order through dehydration and starvation—a fate never visited on even the vilest of criminals in our prisons.  I have written about Terri before. 

Gary and Sara Harvey

The tragic case of Gary and Sara Harvey has similarities to Terri Schiavo’s and her family’s case.  In January of 2006, Horseheads, New York resident, Gary Harvey, a Vietnam veteran, fell down a flight of basement stairs at his home and sustained a brain injury that has since left him in a vegetative state. 

As Chelsea Schilling, writing for WorldNetDaily, reported last year,

“Gary, an only child who is estranged from his two adult children, did not have a living will.

His wife, Sara, had him placed in a nursing home so he would receive care while she returned to her full-time job.

Following a family dispute over Gary’s assets, State Supreme Court Judge Robert Mulvey determined that Sara Harvey was not a suitable guardian for her husband and designated the county as legal guardian, according to Elaine Renoire, spokeswoman for the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse, or NASGA, who is familiar with the case.

When [Chemung] county authorities took guardianship, Sara was separated from any decision making process for her husband’s health and medical welfare. Gary’s father is deceased, and his elderly mother has not attempted to obtain guardianship. Sara has been trying to get the judge’s guardianship decision overturned.” 

Sara Harvey, almost single-handedly, has stood firmly against the machine of the “system” in her county.  Just like Terri Schiavo’s family, Sara is desperately fighting to simply bring her husband home and care for him herself where he can at least enjoy the comfort of his own home and the loving care of his wife. 

The case is complicated, though unnecessarily so, in my opinion.  Ms. Schilling goes on in her WND column to detail other aspects of the story,

“In December, Chemung County Attorney Bryan Maggs held a press conference in which he stated, ‘All the county is doing is complying with a court order to act as guardian in accordance with the way the court and the guardianship law reads.’

Maggs said Sara was denied guardianship for several reasons, including accusations that she purportedly wheeled Gary from his nursing facility to a park. Also the county said Sara cut a tracheostomy tube that she claims was defective and attempted to feed her husband whipped cream and Jell-O.”

Oh, the horror!  As you know, no matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides to every story, and Ms. Schilling’s article continues with the other side,

“However, Renoire said Maggs failed to explain that Sara was granted permission to wheel her husband outside for fresh air.

‘His attempt is to redirect focus on Sara and away from what the county has done to Gary,’ she said.

Steve Sanborn, consultant to Sara, told WND that Sara had been dealing with her husband’s defective tracheostomy tube for several weeks at the time and asked the county nursing home to fix it because he was having difficulty breathing and swallowing. Sara purportedly removed the portion that she believed had been causing the trouble.

‘The thing was causing a lot of problems,’ Sanborn explained. ‘According to her, they did nothing to solve the situation, so at one point she simply removed the fish-line part of it. It didn’t harm him. It didn’t cause any danger. It was quite inconvenient for him, so she removed it.’

Renoire added, ‘She did make a mistake because she was a desperate wife. Gary did not need the trach to breathe. It was to assist because, apparently, fluids come down the back of his throat.’

Sanborn said Sara had been trained to work with a tracheostomy and knew what she was doing at the time.

‘When she did that, the nursing facility immediately took him to the hospital and had the trach replaced, which is what they should have done in the first place,’ he said.

Sanborn said county authorities got involved when the county nursing home complained.

‘The home said she had, at one point, wheeled her husband outside so he could get some fresh air,’ he explained. ‘They accused her of feeding him Jell-O, which she contends very strongly that she never did. At one point she was shaving her husband’s face and a nurse came in and accused her of giving him whipped cream. They took all of this – as a team of people – the staff at the nursing home went to the county and lodged a complaint, so the county was given guardianship.’”

Gary was later transferred from the county nursing home to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Elmira, New York, where he remains today, essentially a prisoner of Chemung County and New York state authorities.  At one point, the horribly misnamed “ethics” committee of the hospital even decided to end Gary’s life by removing his feeding tube, but thanks be to God, a judge said ‘no’ to that recommendation.

I write for, and it is because of another lady who also writes for Dakota Voice, Carrie K. Hutchens, that I have been aware of Gary’s case for a couple of years now.  Carrie has written numerous times about Gary and Sara’s plight.  Carrie’s deep passion for this terrible situation shouts out through the words she writes.

In her latest column, Carrie wrote,

“How long has it been since Gary Harvey fell down those basement stairs? How long has it been since he found himself vulnerable and fighting not only for life just because of his injuries, but fighting for life because the government officials and so-called ethics committees decided it was time to end his life by starving and dehydrating him to death? Just how long has it been and what has changed since the fight began all those years ago?

Some people have opened their eyes, started paying attention and have begun grasping the idea that something ‘ain’t’ right here in the world of Gary Harvey and his so-called government protectors.

It doesn’t matter ‘why’ Gary Harvey fell down those basement stairs. What does matter is what has transpired since then and whether he has had a true chance at recovery and comfort to whatever extent is possible rather than what has been assigned to him by those who really don’t have his best interest at heart.”

This sickening story is truly a nightmare for Sara and Gary Harvey.  As if all that the officials in Chemung County, New York have already done is not bad enough, they have also placed an unwarranted “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR) order on Gary, as well.  The injustices never seem to end, and Sara has been denied her right to visit her husband in the manner she sees fit.  The county officials require her to be supervised when visiting her husband, and they have been limiting her visitation because they claim insurance money to pay for the supervised visits is running out.  Sara has bent over backward to get around this by getting volunteers to supervise, but the county has repeatedly rejected her volunteer candidates, some of whom are Christian pastors.

Just like the awful, helpless situation in which Terri Schiavo’s family found themselves, so Sara Harvey stands at the mercy of a cold, heartless, evil system.  However, there yet may be a gleam of hope.  A lawsuit which Sara Harvey filed against Chemung County has been allowed to continue before the New York State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division.

This story out of New York is a microcosm of what we see in the ever-encroaching nanny state federal government.  As Americans have stood by for decades, the power mongers have gained more and more control over our lives.  To reverse this trend will take a miracle.  We have allowed elected and unelected bureaucrats to consume a constantly-increasing amount of our freedoms.  Gary Harvey’s case is illustrative of one of the end results of years of power grabs by petty central government “planners.”

It is essential that we pay attention to our local communities and state governments and do what we can to stop their expanding power over our lives.  No state should have the kind of power over a husband and wife that New York currently has over the Harveys.

Please remember Gary and Sara Harvey in your prayers.  To follow this case, you can log on to and

Originally from Texas, Gina is a graduate of William Carey College in Gulfport, MS, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Gina currently presents an audio blog on News Radio 104.9 FM in Biloxi, MS. Her blogs can be heard twice weekly on the Kipp Gregory morning show.

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