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A nutbar indentified as Gregory Lee Giusti was arrested today for threatening Nancy Pelosi over the telephone. He reportedly called her San Francisco and Washington offices, and suppossedly spoke to her at least once.  He threatened her life if she voted fo the healthcare bill.

Now, how much you want to bet that if you dug into this guy’s record you will find that he is indeed a Democrat?

2 Responses to “Gregory Lee Giusti”

  • Michael says:

    Why does he have to be a democrat? Couldn’t there be stupid “nutbar” Conservatives as well or are all Conservatives rational people?

  • Admin says:

    >”Why does he have to be a democrat?”

    Simple…it’s an old Chicago political trick. Attack your own party and get the attention of the press, than blame it on the other party. Yea, it happens all the time.

    You’re a Dartmouth liberal…you should know these things.

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