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The following was submitted by Kevin Crosby. He is a software engineer, conservative, and independent contributor to His opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the administration of He can be reached at

After the shooting in Newtown Connecticut, I have come to the conclusion that there needs to be some very serious changes to the gun control laws in this country.  As any elected fool from Washington would say, some very “broad based” and common sense changes are needed here.  These changes need to come quickly so as to protect innocent people from the type of senseless violence that occurred yesterday where 20 innocent children and 6 adults lost their lives.  Things are going to have to change in a dramatic way.  I have some proposals.
 Before I get to the proposals part of this blog, I would like to look at where the fault lies for tragedies like this and the Aurora CO. movie theater shootings as well as all the other mass killing by gun toting nut cases.  Well, hang on to your seats sports fans cause I’m about to take a serious right turn here.
The people and groups that are responsible for this tragedy are none other than the anti gun organizations like the Brady Campaign, International Association of Police Chiefs, The Joyce Foundation, CBS, NBC and ABC.  Also, one would have to include all the liberal/socialist anti gun nuts within the democratic party.  Well for all of you in these groups, the blood of those innocent children and adults is on your hands.  Because of what you have done and what you continue to advocate for, innocent people are being murdered and butchered in our streets.  You are guilty!  Got that, GUILTY!  20 children murdered because of what you have done to the gun laws in this country.  And now you want more gun laws which will cause more deaths of innocent people that you pretend to represent.  Its time for America to come together and intellectually disarm you the anti gun nuts and re-arm the law abiding citizens everywhere in this country with the weapon of their own choice.
You see, the problem with the intellectual liberal anti’s is that as with most things their logic fails as they can’t seem to grasp the bigger picture or take a thought to its logical conclusion.  They believe that all guns should be banned, but the part that they don’t seem to understand is that the criminals and nut cases don’t follow their gun laws. Duh!!!  Look at Chicago where there have been 400 gun deaths so far this year while boasting the strictest gun laws in the U.S.  Where is the outrage over that? Wake up liberals, the logic is very simple here.  More guns, less crime.  What is it that you don’t get here?  Or, maybe I should ask, why is it that you can’t grasp this concept.  But, I have limited time and space, so  I will save this for a latter blog.
Now lets get down to my proposed solutions.  First, eliminate requirements to obtain a permit before carrying a handgun.  If you are citizen 21 years or older with no felony convictions there should be no restrictions.  This applies to open carry and concealed carry, but open carry should be promoted.  Alaska, Vermont and Arizona currently have no permit requirements.  A system of instant background checks should be developed to allow same day purchases of firearms in every state.  If you commit a crime of violence with a firearm, you go to prison for a minimum of five years.  If you commit a homicide or rape using a firearm, your sentenced to a minimum of life without the possibility of parole.
Gun free zones cannot be eliminated altogether, as this violates the peoples rights to conduct themselves in the manor they choose on their private property.  But the laws should be changed so there can be no restriction to carrying a weapon in public places or in businesses that cater to the public.  All restrictions to carrying a weapon in state, local and federal offices should be dropped.
Now to the big one.  Schools.  Not only should there be no restrictions to carrying a gun in a school, it should be promoted and in some instances be required.  There should a fund established to facilitate the training of teachers and school administrators on carrying and using a handgun.  That fund should also pay bonuses to teachers and administrators who complete the training and verifiably carry at the school they teach in.  Also, firearm training and shooting should be a required course in all schools at all grade levels.  No exceptions.
The point of this is two fold, first the more people that carry handguns in plain sight make it most difficult for the cowardly criminal.  Second, there is no way to stop someone who is mentally ill from attempting to commit mass murder in places like schools or movie theaters.  The only thing we as citizens can do is arm ourselves because if more than 50% of the pubic is armed the opportunity for these mass shooting drops dramatically.  There would be almost no place where a sick person could go and start shooting with out there being returned fire.  Returned fire saves lives every time its used.  Conversely, every time there is a shooting with no return fire, the body count is only limited by the amount of ammunition the assailant has and the number of innocent in front of his weapon.
I know that the majority of you who will read this don’t carry a handgun.  I have a permit and I carry everyday, where ever I go.  The reason I do is that a cop is too heavy to carry and I know that when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.  It is a personal responsibility issue.  If you take personal responsibility for your safety by choosing to carry a handgun, you by default, provide safety for the public around you.  That is a common sense gun rule.
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