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One good turn deserves another. While Harry Reid was busy raising eyebrows telling a conservative Hispanic group that he didn’t know how any Hispanic could be a Republican, I’ve been busy thinking about how anybody who is Hispanic could possibly be a Democrat. Then it occurred to me that Hispanics were just like any other group of people in the inherent political spectrum, absent racial divisions. What do I mean by that?

Quite simply, while many Hispanics work hard to get ahead, raise their families with good values, educate themselves and their children, worship their Creator, get involved in their communities, and build businesses and civic associations, there is also another side to the Hispanic community.

Much like Caucasians, Hispanics have law breakers. Much like Caucasians, Hispanics have homosexual deviants amongst their ranks. Much like Caucasians, Hispanics have lazy people who refuse to work. Much like Caucasians, Hispanics have drug addicts, boozers, and wife beaters among their ranks. Much like Caucasians, Hispanics have tax dodgers among their ranks. See a pattern here?

Someone needs to sit down with Harry Reid and educate him why so many Hispanics are Republicans. The reason is obvious: Just as so many lazy, criminal, substance abusing, welfare grabbing, gay liberal whites are Democrats, there are many hard working, educated, caring, conservative Hispanics that want a better life and are willing to work hard for it, and they know that they will never achieve the American dream while being taxed to death by liberal politicians that take votes for granted from some groups of people.

So, while Harry Reid should feel free to take for granted the votes of the lazy, criminal, substance abusing, welfare grabbing, gay liberal people in his state, he should never assume a guaranteed vote from any particular group of Americans with a particular racial origin.

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