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3 Responses to “Here’s To You, America!”

  • chuck says:

    I love it! You guys have no original thought whatsoever! You just re-package liberals criticism of Bush. Except that you miss the proper context or relevancy, like the video of Bush ACTUALLY flipping America off via camera, vs. this incidental middle-finger image!

    God you guys are pitiful.

    Now, what do you have to OFFER America other than blind criticism? Right, nothing.

  • WXRGina says:

    Chuck, you are the pitiful one.

    There is no “repackaging” going on here. We are walking on new–though ancient and hellish–ground with this wicked administration. You cannot POSSIBLY defend all the evil that they have done to our country since January of 2009.

    You’re an Obamaton, and all the salient points I could make would be completely lost on your non-thinking, non-perceiving head.

  • Admin says:

    What do we (us ‘guys’) have to offer America? Our tax dollars, the very tax dollars that you lazy, welfare-laden leeches feed on every month, thinking that Obama will save your day and rescue you from your very self-fulfilling prophecy of irresponsibility.

    I find it interesting that you accuse “us” of repackaging liberal criticism of Bush. If it really is a “re-package”, then I guess all the spew from you liberals about Bush was all a bunch of BS.

    As to what we offer America…we offer “hope” that this “change” will go away in 2012.

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