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Well, this ain’t no Tea Party protest….it’s easy to tell that by the level of violence depicted in this video. What we have here is a group of people, most of them already criminals for being in this country illegally, protesting the new Arizona law that finally gives law enforcement officials the right to check for citizenship papers.

So, while the lefty liberals make up stories about Tea Party activists being unruly, they turn a blind eye to a bunch of left wing liberal criminals protesting and hurling rocks at police, all to support their criminal compadres.

12 Responses to “Illegals Throw Rocks At Police!”

  • Butterdezillion says:

    This nation is in a desperate battle to reclaim the rule of law. If we overlook the breaking of one law it emboldens people to break more laws. When law enforcement ceases to be allowed to be law enforcement, or REFUSES to be law enforcement, what we have is anarchy, where nobody is safe and nothing is sacred.

    Arizona is on the front line of this battle on two fronts. Thank God for the patriots in Arizona who have seen what lawlessness means for everyday people and who are bravely stepping up to the plate to stand for the rule of law.


  • tinkerthinker says:

    I am so tired of some people being above the law…arizona is doing the right thing, no one should be above the law!

  • Admin says:

    I agree they are doing the right thing, but this law does have the potential to create issues for those Americans that are of hispanic origins. The police must be careful not to profile folks on basis of race just to enforce this law.

  • Stefan Losser says:

    I am a student and currently studying Forensic Science, but the information on your site helped me in one of my recent projects I was working on. I have provided the link to your site in my report and actually posted a link back on my education blog. Hopefully that will get some additional respect to you, as you deserve it. Thank you.

  • Funny Guy says:

    This isn’t a big step towards profiling. If your involved in a crime officers already ask for identification. As American citizen do you think officers shouldn’t be able to ask for identification ever?

  • Political Junkie says:

    Boycott Arizona Tea – That will really send a message.

  • Patriot. says:

    Therefore implement a LAW, NATIONWIDE, from coast-to-coast. Any and every time a Police Officer pulls you over, pulls anyone over and when Police Officers respond to an emergency call at your residence, at anyones residence, To ask for a Drivers License and a Birth Certificate alongside it. This is a small price to pay for all of us Patriotic European-Americans whose linage can’t be traced to these lands any farther than 1620 when our forefathers immigrated to these lands, and where the forefathers of most of today’s migrants, who knew these lands even before there was a modern historical record kept-even before it was so patriotically called America, even before Columbus discovered it in 1492, and who would assist in their survival so that we may enjoy its fruits to this very day. In conclusion, it will be a great benefit to rid our American Country of all these criminals, to carry-out this LAW in our every day life and make it a Federal LAW.

  • P. Jordan says:

    shoot bullets!

  • P. Jordan says:

    Shoot bullets!!!

  • Aqualisa says:

    Gordon Brown put his foot in his mouth, big time, with his bigot gaff

  • Arizona Citizen says:

    When Shakira stated “that I am pretty much undocumented” is absolutely ridiculous. She came to our country with documents. When entering into the United States legitimately you must show your passport, which Shakira certainly did. By challenging Arpaio to come and get her because she left her passport at her 5 star hotel clearly indicates Shakira does not understand the Arizona Senate Bill 1070. By Shakria not carrying her passport or identification does not mean she will be arrested. One must engage in illegal activity to be arrested and asked for identification, which most likely Shakira will not be engaging in illegal activity. For someone to rally other individuals without fully understanding the SB 1070 is irresponsible. People (including Shakira) need to take the time to fully understand the law before grand standing to an audience who expects her to be informed. Shakira should respect the United State’s freedom of speech and should be fully educated on the law before leading an emotional charged crowd. This law is not new, it is enforcing what is already in place by the Federal Government. It is a Federal crime to be an illegal alien thus the term “illegal alien.” Crime has become an increasing problem in Arizona. The law is designed to punish criminals for being criminals not for being illegal immigrants. Which all members of our community should embrace. If the Federal Government would take illegal immigration seriously there could be alternatives for this law. But the Federal Government ignored Arizona’s immigration problem and decided they could not rely on the Federal Government for help. Arizona’s actions are directed against the members of the immigrant community that are criminals. Anyone, citizen or non-citizen, should agree that the increased violence around our boarders needs to be addressed. Immigrants and citizens need to work together to reduce crime. Shame on you Shakria for further inflaming a passionate subject that should be addressed rationally. Shame on you everyone else for not educating yourself on the SB 1070. For those of you that want to be educated you can read the full law here

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