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The following was written by Gina Miller. Her opinions don’t necessarily reflect those of, but because they’re here, they probably do. 

Terrorist On The Payroll!

The America-destroying insanity of the left continues unabated, as the Islamists and their sympathizers shamefully use our Constitution and Bill of Rights against us, and the wicked few in power facilitate their success in doing so.  

On Monday evening, I was listening to Jeff Kuhner, who was filling in for Michael Savage on the Savage Nation radio program, and Jeff was talking about a news story linked off of Dr. Savage’s website.  I almost dropped the dish I was washing when he said that the Fort Hood Muslim murderer, Nidal Hasan, who shot and killed 13 soldiers and one unborn baby and wounded 32 others, is still on the military payroll!  I was floored. 

After Hasan’s ghastly and treacherous attack last November, I put him out of my mind, assuming he would be dealt with swiftly and justly, but I should’ve known better.  From the first pull of the trigger, he officially declared himself an enemy combatant of America, and in a sane military, he would’ve been immediately stripped of his position as a major in the Army.  In my mind’s idea of a sane military, since the evidence of his evil deed was indisputable, he would have been given a speedy trial establishing his guilt, then he would have been summarily dispatched down to Allah.  It’s too bad those who took him down that day weren’t better shots, because we could’ve been spared further grief from this enemy of our country. 

So that was Monday evening.  Then on Tuesday, the news comes out that the New York City Landmarks Commission in lockstep with the Manhattan Community Board, denied landmark status to the Burlington Coat Factory building, thereby clearing the way for its demolition and construction of the new mosque tower of Muslim victory overlooking Ground Zero.  That’s two blows in two days against America. 

I’m sick of listening to pansy leftists clamoring about freedom of religion.  This is not a freedom of religion issue.  I realize that this group of Islamists who are champing at the bit to build this trophy mosque can “legally” build it if all laws, approvals, codes and whatever other red tape issues are in order.  Technically they can, but that doesn’t make it right.  These people behind this mosque are lying when they say they want this to be a center of multi-religious cooperation and education between Islam and the West.  That’s a lie, and they know it. 

There’s no reason that they must build there; in fact, there are almost 3000 reasons why they shouldn’t!  They’re making a bold statement of victory in the spot where Islam’s deluded followers murdered so many of our friends, family and fellow countrymen.  We will not forget that.  And I’m not going to back down from speaking the truth about this evil plan. 

These people are creeping their way into America’s system, and they’re well down the road to positioning themselves in establishing sharia law here in America.  They’ll do it bit by bit.  They’ll start by demanding special banking rules that apply only to them and are in line with sharia finance laws.  They’ll try to set court precedents by defending themselves against criminal activity by claiming what they did was not a crime, but their Islamic religious practices—freedom of religion, don’t you know, you dumb suckers!  We’ve seen numerous “honor” killings in our country already.  Don’t think for a minute this is going to get better with time. 

I know the people of this country have the will to resist and push back the Islamists, but I don’t believe those in power do, with only a few exceptions.  Just look at these two cases alone.  The Manhattan Community Board voted almost unanimously to allow the mosque project to proceed, and the Landmarks Commission voted unanimously not to stop them.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg, like a blind man, sees no problem with it whatsoever and insults those who oppose it.  The people in support of this despicable project try to downplay the opposition by implying only a few 9-11 families are against the proposed mosque.  That’s a load of garbage!  If we had nationwide polling on this issue, I would wager a staggeringly high number of Americans vehemently oppose this atrocious move by the Islamists. 

And what about Nidal Hasan?  Who are the yellow-bellied cowards high up in the military who have refused to immediately eject him from the service and who have postponed what should be an open and shut case?  I’m not a member of the military with knowledge of its inner workings, but I know when justice is being derailed.  When this murdering subhuman is still collecting $6000 a month and is still apparently eligible for a $15,000 a year “incentive pay” bonus, something is terribly wrong with the picture.  Has the leadership of our military lost its will to fight for what’s right?  What’s worse, is the dirt bag’s lawyer is complaining that his “client” is being discriminated against because banks are refusing to cash his paychecks.  Oh, the poor thing! 

It’s terribly outrageous that those in positions of power seem oblivious to the deviousness and the horrendous criminal activity of the Islamists that have infiltrated our society.  Are those in power actually afraid of the Islamists?  Is that what it is?  Or is this more of a business deal with them?  Don’t tick off the Saudis!  We like our business relationship!  Whatever the reason is for the leadership’s groveling before the Islamist lobby, it has to stop, or our goose will be cooked, and I’m not kidding. 

I’d better go ahead and wrap this thing up before I really say something.

Originally from Texas, Gina is a graduate of William Carey College in Gulfport, MS, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Gina currently presents an audio blog on News Radio 104.9 FM in Biloxi, MS. Her blogs can be heard twice weekly on the Kipp Gregory morning show.

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