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Ok, pay attention all of you technology gurus!  (just kidding) 

How may times have you heard of your friends and relatives getting hacked or opening messages that contain viruses? I’ve heard quite a few, myself. Fortunately for most of you, you are wise to the scams that are lurking on the interweb and you try your best to avoid them. You’ve done a good job at keeping your information out of the hands of bad guys, mostly by limiting the number of people that you allow to have your information. Then, in steps the federal government.

 That can’t be good. 

In the wonderful government bail out of our economy…you know, the one that didn’t work…there was a ton of money allocated to set up a system of maintaining your health records electronically. In reality, it’s a noble idea that would lend itself to making your critical care information available to a doctor that may save your life one day. The money made available was to help local primary care doctors get this system moving without a lot of out-of-pocket expense to them. Guess what? Well, use your head…the government is involved. 

Houston Neal, a writer over at, has written a wonderful piece about the action, or lack of, that this program has taken so far.  According to Houston, we have a problem. He says there are some flaws with the program. I say…Imagine that! A flaw with a government boondoggle program!  Anyway, here’s his beef with it: 

      1. The doctors aren’t moving very fast on it. 

      2. The free market already has the things the morons in government say they want to create.

        3.The system limits free market competition, typical of the socialist Obama government.

        4.The regional centers won’t get doctors to usage fast enough…translated, the government is slow as molasses.

 5. The socialists can’t staff the regional centers fast enough.

In short, we have another broken program from a broken program. Does that make sense? It does if you follow government policy and have experience in government programs. They just don’t work. 

Keeping that in mind, let’s get back to the original thought. Do you want your government creating a central repository of all of your medical information that may one day save your life? I say, ”NO”, because the government has never saved anything. 

Your thoughts?

One Response to “Medical Records Database Mess”

  • WXRGina says:

    I agree, Scott.

    Part of why doctors may be dragging their feet could be because electronic medical records are not something many people may want. Less and less people are buying the sugar-coating that socialists use to couch their true intentions.

    Sugar coat: “Electronic medical records could save your life.”

    True translation: “We want to be able to keep tabs on you and know everything about you, down to each pill you take and which political affiliation you have. We will use this information to decide who does and does not get health care.”

    We’re so sick of the government data-mining on us that we’re suspicious of this latest move to put even more of our personal information on Big Brother’s database.

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