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Pretty Much Says It All

I never thought I’d see the day when I would be singing the praises of a cartoonist that works for a liberal pack of idiots like the ones at MSNBC. Well, strike me down but today is the day. Political cartoonist Daryl Cagle crafted this fine piece of art that depicts the Mexican flag, specifically the taco chicken in the center, as being shot to pieces. This is, of course, to reflect the fact that the drug lords are shooting up the place down there. 

What is truly ironic is that for once it’s not the American flag being desecrated and lampooned by a cartoonist of considerable fame. For once, it’s not an American flag being maliciously targeted while the American people are being expected to stand still and take it. For once, it’s not us. 

The part that brings laughter to my belly is the uproar this cartoon is creating in Mexico, in both the editorial pages of the Mexican press, and the Mexican embassy. The letter below, written by Ricardo Alday of the Mexican embassy, takes issue with the cartoon because it has brought a “negative response” from the people of Mexico. Negative response? 

Mr. Alday, let me remind you of the negative response the people of the United States are having due to 14 million of your fellow Mexican countrymen flowing over the borders illegally and costing the American taxpayers billion$ every year to support these people. Let me remind you of the negative response from us because, unlike this cartoon, these 14 million people are breaking our laws by coming here. Let me remind you, Mr. Alday, of your country’s refusal to do anything about it. 

People all across the world routinely make a mockery of the American flag by burning it in the streets of whatever third-world plot of sand they reside on.  Maybe it’s time the people of our country start burning some of theirs.

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