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Jon Stewart is a screaming liberal that, for the most part, I never agree with. He had a wonderful 8 years of bashing President Bush and really did nothing but sing the high praises of Obama during the 2008 election.

Lately, Stewart has been more of an equal opportunity offender. He has attacked the Annointed One and all of his cabinet members for their stupidity. He has shown a willingness to consider the faults of liberals as well as his typical conservative bashing.

This video has Stewart showing the not-so-new ideas of the Republican party. Basically, nothing. At about 3:20, John Boehner makes a typical stupid comment from a career politican that makes me wonder who I am going to vote for this election, because the Republican party just can’t seem to see what’s wrong and won’t look in the mirror to see it.

Long live the Tea Party, quick death to the old-school Republican leadership.

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