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Cooking The Taliban!

A new “nonlethal” weapon that uses microwave energy to create intense pain has been deployed in Afghanistan. The Active Denial System, which burns the top layer of skin via microwaves, is in Afghanistan for testing. The weapon is designed to shoot an invisible beam of energy at people, creating an intense burning sensation that forces them to flee. The Air Force has called it the “goodbye effect.” It has not been used before in military operations.

In 2008, the Pentagon considered deploying the Active Denial System in Iraq, but stopped due to publicity concerns. The technology used in the Active Denial System, which was developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., has been adapted to several different configurations. The version pictured is a Block 2, a more advanced version that is mounted on a military vehicle. The lab is also looking at a mounting it on an aircraft.

So, when the word gets out that we’re “cooking” Taliban troops, how long before Obama bows to the world and cancels it?

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