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Once again, out traitorous President Obama has given public support for members of the violent religion to build an Islamic center and mosque near New York’s ground zero. In a speech in which he defends the freedoms to worship, he ignores the freedoms to pursue a happy life and says about the violent religion, “Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country”. Oh by the way, their religious practice involves killing the rest of us who don’t believe in their terrorist profit Mohammed.

3 Responses to “Obama Supports Ground Zero Mosque”

  • Charissa Ephraim says:

    When president Barack Hussein Obama was swore in he said he would, Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States. I would like to see him put his hand on the Koran and swear he will Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States.

  • patrick says:

    this is so predictable for obama . did we think he would do the right thing and say maybe they should build mosque elsewhere. like revamp a distressed area – but in manhattan really? strictly for show..up yours america that’s what muslims are saying.

  • Admin says:

    Our President…is a muslim, and he can wave his Christian flag all he wants to.

    He’s a member of the violent religion.

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