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This isn’t political, but it’s relevant…to me. I have some families on my mind tonight, families that are hurting.

In Tampa, near my home, two of our finest officers lost their lives the other day during a traffic stop. I don’t think I need to remind our brave police officers that no traffic stop is “routine”. However, I’d like to present this video as a reminder to anyone reading that law enforcement is a dangerous job, and everything will go wrong when you least expect it. Fortunately, this officer in the video was unharmed. Such is not always the case.

Pay careful attention to the person in the truck…he pulls and gun, and fortunately, it misfires. You can hear the hammer go “click”, and see the officer stunned, before he reacts.

Danger happens fast. Say a prayer for our folks in uniform.

3 Responses to “Police: Please Be Careful”

  • WXRGina says:

    Oh, man! Oh, man!

    Lord, please bless the families of those officers from Tampa. Keep our officers.

  • Jim in Tampa says:

    Every law enforcement officer I know loves their job. They risk their lives every day to keep us safe and protected. Just like those who serve our country, fight fires and respond to emergencies that occur daily, we owe them our respect, our help and our support.

  • Admin says:

    I could not have said that better, myself, Jim. Thanks!!

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