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The following was written by Gina Miller. Her opinions don’t necessarily reflect those of, but because they’re here, they probably do.

As you likely know, in the world of the liberal mind, many things are completely backward and upside-down.  To the liberal mind, truth is a lie, and lies are the truth; good is evil, and evil is good; those who speak the truth are speaking hate, and those who speak hatred are practicing “tolerance.”  I often wonder if they see their blatant disconnect from reality, and I’m certain that at some level—however deeply it may be buried in their consciences—they do. 

So it is with the members of the radical homosexual movement.  In all the things I write, doing what I can to expose the communists, the Islamists, the various enemies and threats within America, I seldom encounter a more rabidly vicious group of people than the militant homosexual activists.  Even the Islamist supporters occasionally at least make an attempt at a rational argument.  Not so with the homosexual militants.  They are completely divorced from reality. 

At, my Editor, Bob Ellis, and I, along with various other authors, regularly write about the dangers to America’s moral and cultural fabric that the radical homosexual movement represents, not to mention the dangers posed to the homosexuals themselves by that wretched lifestyle.  Invariably, the homosexual activists come rampaging onto the comment sections of the columns we write with their terrifically venomous “contributions.” 

They have a common formula, and most of them stick to it.  Those of us who warn of the inevitable consequences of the radical homosexual agenda, if it is not stopped, are labeled as “spewing hate,” “bigots,” “homophobic,” “nut jobs,” and other such examples of liberal “tolerance.”  These people cannot bear to be told that what they do is wrong.  In fact, it is of the essence for their campaign that no one be allowed to point out the sinfulness of homosexuality, because it gives the lie to their desperate attempts to gain unattainable legitimacy for their perversion.  Nevertheless, we will not be deterred from speaking the truth, from sounding the alarm. 

It becomes more evident by the day that the homosexual agenda, with its attendant special “rights” for homosexuals, including the counterfeiting of marriage, cannot coexist with America’s constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion.  The two are mutually exclusive, because the radical homosexuals among us are waging a war to see to it that Christian opposition to their degenerate demands will not be allowed.  We see this already metastasized in other countries where it is now a “crime” to even state the plain truth about the evils of homosexuality. 

Speaking of “crimes,” on Tuesday, Bob Ellis reported on some of the very predictable fallout from the recent outrage of the state lawmaker-mandated forcing of homosexual “marriage” on the people of New York.  Now appearing on the hellish stage is Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, who has apparently been threatening county clerks who are morally opposed to issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. 

As Bob Ellis reported,

“…[I]n the wake of New York’s recent decision to allow homosexuals to counterfeit marriage, some not only want morally committed clerks fired, they want clerks criminally prosecuted who will not participate in the counterfeiting of marriage.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) blog highlights one NY state senator who still has a moral compass, Ruben Diaz, and a press release he sent out yesterday:

‘…It is inexcusable that Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice has publicly threatened employees by stating ‘the law affords no discretion to public officials charged with granting marriage licenses. Therefore, any such refusal may be subject to criminal prosecution.’

Her press statement stated: ‘The religious exemptions in the Marriage Equality Act are inapplicable to town and city clerks serving in their license-granting roles, and a public official’s intentional refusal to issue marriage licenses to qualified same-sex couples may constitute Official Misconduct, a Class A misdemeanor defined in section 195.00 of the New York State Penal Law.’” 

Freedom of conscience?  Freedom of religion?  What in the world are you talking about?  Oh, those United States of America constitutional rights don’t apply here!  When it comes to appeasing the aggressively radical homosexuals, you Christians can check your God-given rights with your coat and hat at the door!

You see, though, the slight problem with that is that we’re not going to take it.  Despite what the media, Hollywood, and most of the Left in America would have you believe, the majority of Americans are not OK with the mainstreaming of homosexuality, and certainly not with the hijacking and counterfeiting of marriage.  That is why the only places you see homosexual “marriage” made “legal” is where state legislators or radical judges have bypassed the will of the people.  When the people are allowed to vote on homosexual “marriage,” they say “no way!” every single time.

And, you’d better believe we must be prepared to fight, because the militant homosexuals play very dirty indeed.  Just ask anyone who takes a stand against the homosexual efforts to fake marriage or garner special treatment for people who manifest various forms of homosexuality, as in the so-called “transgender rights” bill currently pending in Massachusetts.

For example, New York State Senator Ruben Diaz—who is, amazingly enough, a Democrat—took a very strong stand against the homosexual “marriage” bill in New York, and he’s catching literal hell for it.  As Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance wrote,

As we’ve reported, while all the Republicans were caving in to the ‘gay marriage’ pressure in one way or another, it was a self-described liberal Democrat who led the charge in the Senate against the bill—and was the only visible legislator doing that.

Sen. Ruben Diaz, a South Bronx Democrat is also a Pentecostal Minister and a charismatic and unshakeable man of principle. He refused to back down on what he considered a moral truth. As the ‘gay marriage’ debate heated up in the final week, he refused to be bullied into selling out.

… During his stand for marriage Sen. Diaz endured death threats which caused him to seek help from the police and FBI.

But now, two weeks after the vote, Sen. Diaz continues to be [the] target of a vile and disgusting campaign of personal attacks by the homosexual community. He receives a flood of vicious hate calls and emails to his home and office. The ‘tolerant’ homosexual community sponsored a ‘F— Ruben Diaz Festival’ in a gay bar in Brooklyn.

But Sen. Diaz is not backing down. Yesterday he published a press release, also posted on his web site, which re-stated his unwillingness to back down under pressure.” 

Let me tell you what—Sen. Diaz is right on time!  I’m glad to be able to say that here is a Democrat who, at least on this one issue, correctly hits the mark and refuses to budge.  In Sen. Diaz’s press release, he cites some of the vicious phone and email attacks he continues to receive, even though the homosexuals got their way in New York!  These militant homosexuals spit out the most obscene, hell-born words imaginable.

From Sen. Diaz’s press release,

“On June 24th I voted my conscience and opposed Governor Andrew Cuomo’s key piece of social legislation in the New York State Senate that redefines our marriage laws away from the traditional definition of one man and one woman. I was the only Democrat in the Senate to vote against this legislation, and I wear my vote as a badge of honor.

I have been congratulated by religious leaders and constituents not only from my district, but from districts all over New York State. I have received messages of encouragement and gratitude from people throughout the United States. Alberto Martinez tweeted: ‘Jesus said: ‘Whoever is ashamed of Him and His words, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of such person at His coming.’ Bravo Senator Diaz.’ All of these supporters know that I am unashamed to be a Christian. If we talk the talk, we must walk the walk.

Although Republican Senate Leader Dean Skelos ushered the gay marriage vote to the floor in order to make the 11:00PM news, and even though the vote passed, the hatred that has spewed in my direction before June 24th continues.

Yesterday I received a series of five emails in my Senate account from one person that read like homicidal rantings: ‘You eat s—. You are s—.’ ‘There is no worse person on Earth than you. God has told me so.’ ‘You worthless pile of human excrement!!!’ ‘I hope you die! I hope you die soon! I’m waiting for you to die!’ ‘Satan would sooner nail a stake through your heart than admit to knowing you. Your very own lover!!!’

To err on the side of caution and especially since one of the messages awaits my demise, those emails were properly reported to the FBI.”

And, these homosexual lunatics call us hateful!  Here is the world of the deranged, homosexual militant mind.  Their minds and hearts are infected with demonic hatred for the truth of God’s Word and for those of us who stand for Christ.  I come back to my analogy of sunlight to a vampire, which is exactly the way the radical homosexuals react to the Word of God and those who profess it.

My further point here is that whether we like it or not, this is a war.  It’s not a war we waged; the war was waged by the radical homosexuals themselves, who were not content to practice their repugnant, twisted behavior on the shadowy fringes of our society.  As evil grows ever bolder in these last days, these kinds of people will become ever more vicious and violent toward those of us who cling to God through Christ.  Christians are in the crosshairs of these radical minions of hell—make no mistake about it.

We must stand firmly and fearlessly against their doomed campaign.  Yes, it is doomed!  It may succeed in the short-term, but in the very end, it will go down in flames, along with those who waged this war against God.  Don’t doubt for a minute that this war by the radical homosexuals is ultimately against God Himself, and we most certainly know Who is going to win that war.

Originally from Texas, Gina is a graduate of William Carey College in Gulfport, MS, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Gina currently presents an audio blog on News Radio 104.9 FM in Biloxi, MS. Her blogs can be heard twice weekly on the Kipp Gregory morning show.

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