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Well, the most flamboyant moron in the House of Representatives, Alan Grayson, is at it again. In a TV interview, Grayson decided to compare Republicans to Al-Qaeda. He says, “Why would you want to put people in charge of government who just don’t want to do it? I mean, you wouldn’t expect to see Al-Qaeda members as pilots.”

The Grayson Mansion

Well, Mr. Grayson, I’m at a loss for words to describe your wacky motives for your exercise of free speech. Let us not forget that this is the same clown who said the American health care system was a “holocaust in America”. Coming from a guy who lives in a $1 million mansion, I suppose he finds it easy to give away other people’s money. Look at this beauty of a house that he owns….nice!!!

3 Responses to “Rep. Grayson Calls Republicans Al-Qaeda”

  • Sherri says:

    I apologize for my state inflicting this idiot upon the Congress- we Conservative Floridians are working SO hard to atone by offering up Marco Rubio. While I’m at it – sorry about Crist, too – it’s those darn crazies in south Florida who vote these nut jobs in.

  • Admin says:

    Well, Bush was from South Florida, as is Rubio, so they’re not all nuts. :-) However, Orlando is kind of like Hollywood East, with it’s connection to the acting industry, so that explains Grayson.

  • Peter Pryor says:’s done it again. Amazing read!

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