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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat from Texas, showed us all just how utterly stupid our “representatives” are. This moron doesn’t represent me and you. This video reminds me of those episodes of Jay Leno, where he goes out on the street and asks people questions about history.

In this video, Representative Lee talks about North and South Vietnam. She speaks of how they are living side-by-side today. She talks about..huh? There is no north or south…only Vietnam. Maybe someone should tell this idiot that the war there has long been over.

Or maybe…just maybe…she was referring to the United States Civil War. Who knows?

2 Responses to “Rep. Shelia Lee, Read Your History!”

  • Jim in Tampa says:

    I am glad that North and South Vietnam are getting along peacefully. Obviously they see how the 57 states in the US get along peacefully and they are emulating us! I’m glad Rep. Lee, who is probably very representative of the people in her district, pointed this out to other house members who were probably filling their seats for this enthralling speech.

  • Admin says:

    Hey, at least it won’t topple over and sink into the sea…. :-)

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