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Strong, Smart, Tenacious

In the world of political blogs, there comes a story from the liberal lefties that Sarah Palin has had a breast augmentation. The liberal blog Wonkette (Defined: Liberal and Stupid) has a hot tip from one of its “Wonkette operatives” that Mrs. Palin had augmentation surgery. This “tip” is based on dated photos that appear to show a change in her physical profile from an older photo and a present one. They “report with confidence” that this is true based on the fact that they had two “straight” women review the photos and these women should know.

The website story and the readership commentary that follows are so sexist and disgusting it doesn’t warrant a comment from me on that site. However, I will lay a few words out here for the Wankette and it’s wankers to take to heart. Listen up lefties, maybe you’ll learn something!

First, any kid that has ever played the game “King of the Hill” when they were young clearly understands that the goal of everyone in the game is to knock the person on top of the hill, off the top. As kids go, none of them really understand why they are trying to knock that person down…it just seems like the thing to do. Human nature dictates that a person standing on top, looking down at everyone, is in a better position than those being looked down upon. So, knocking that person down seems to denote clear victory in the game.

The game of life is similar. People, at least in our culture, seem to like an underdog. People cheer when the person on the top of the hill gets knocked off the hill by the person least likely to do it. In this case, its Sarah Palin that seems to be viewed as being on top of the hill by the liberal lefties, hence, they try anything to knock her off. This apparently includes any dirty tactic available. In this case, they are trying the age-old tactic of sexism.

Sexism, like physical rape, attempts to diminish and degrade a person. Sexism doesn’t involve a physical attack, nor does it come close to the physical and psychological trauma that rape victims experience. However, it does target primarily women and the end goal is the same: To demean and objectify, over-power and destroy.

The Wankette is a blog from liberals, about liberals, and for liberals to read. This would suggest that the mental capability of the average Wankette reader is below normal levels of persons with average IQs. This inability to reason, make a clear argumentative statement, or better yet, just write a complete sentence, would leave one believing that the Wankette and the wankers that read that blog are certain under-dogs, mentally. So naturally, they assumed that people would cheer them on if they tried to knock Sarah Palin off the top of the intellectual hill.

I myself think that their objectifying Sarah Palin is not endearing them to anyone other than those intellectually-challenged readers of that trash they publish. What the readers don’t seem to realize is that while they may be cheering the sexist rants of that painfully boring blog, the rest of us are standing back in wonderment, amused at the fact that they think they are under-dogs. In fact, under-dogs would be recognized as possibly having the ability to defeat the person at the top of the hill. When it comes to the writers of the Wankette, they don’t have near the ability to climb the intellectual hill to try and knock her off, and the sexist barbs just won’t stick.

5 Responses to “Sarah Palin And Sexist Barbs”

  • iloveamerica1980 says:

    Sarah Palin sucks my —.
    Only retards like her. She has a retard kid.
    She has retard genes.

  • Admin says:

    Once again proving my theory that the liberal left are incapable of formulating an argument.

  • iloveamerica1980 says:

    Wrong answer.
    I’m a respected contributor at Free Republic.
    I formulate usefull content jackass.

  • Admin says:

    I find it hard to believe that someone like you that must use such language can be “respected”. Maybe Jim Robinson is OK with that, but on my blog I don’t think it’s appropriate.

  • Marion Lerwill says:

    A number of people discover a method to become celebs for all the completely wrong reasons. I believe Sarah Palin is just one of them. Should McCain of chosen her to begin with? I do think not. The controversies over her abuse of power make her a less-than-savory political candidate, particularly for the number two seat of the us.

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