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The following was written by Gina Miller. Her opinions don’t necessarily reflect those of, but because they’re here, they probably do.


According to the World English Dictionary, the French term coup d’état means “a sudden violent or illegal seizure of government.”  The federal government of the United States of America has been seized by enemy forces from within our nation.  Although not overtly violent at this point, this seizure has been illegal from top to bottom.  Since the likely ineligible candidate Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) was installed in our presidency back in January 2009, this takeover has rapidly infected every area of our government and military.  It is being run by a Communist-Islamist axis of like-minded, anti-American subversives. 

Before the sham of an election last week, I feared the worst from this criminal Obama administration.  As I wrote last Thursday, back when I heard the lawless weasel Obama tell Medvedev that after his “election” he would have more flexibility, I knew the election would be “fixed” to ensure Obama’s victory.  I did not believe for a minute that Obama could win in an honest election.  I still do not believe he won, and I never will.  The election was another part of the communist coup of our government. 

By now, you have seen the flood of reports of election crime.  The reports of “malfunctioning” electronic voting machines that favored Obama, districts where Obama impossibly got 99% and 100% of the vote, the robbing of our military votes, the illegal harassment of Republican poll watchers by blockhead Democrat election officials, and districts where voter “turnout” was more than twice the number of registered voters—all these are the tip of a terrible iceberg of election fraud on a scale never before seen in our nation. 

For Pete’s sake, a year before the election, “researchers” at the Argonne National Laboratory, which is run by Obama’s Energy Department, essentially boasted about how easily they were able to hack undetectably into electronic voting machines used by a third of the nation’s voters.  They could change the vote results on the machines without being discovered, they said. 

With the extent of criminal activity by the Obama administration—I have repeatedly cited the laundry list of lawless actions in this space—there was no way these commies were going to allow their diabolical “gains” to be defeated at the ballot box.  Yes, the election was a fraud, just like everything else about Obama is a fraud. 

Now, we have this out-of-the-blue secession movement that erupted just a day or so after the election.  Suddenly hundreds of thousands of Americans are asking that their state be allowed to secede from the Union.  When I first saw this news spreading, I smelled a rat.  Prior to the secession news bursting on the scene, I had received no e-mails and had not seen anything concerning secession.  Then overnight, it’s everywhere. 

First of all, a secession movement is worthless, unless it is a state government movement, and even then, it is next to fantasy.  Citizen petitions are ignored by the commie devils in power, because they could not care less what Constitution-loving Americans want.  Secondly, am I the only one here who is noticing the fact that these citizen petitions are White House website-based?  Are American patriots willingly adding their names to a post-coup Obama administration database?  This seems awfully accommodating of Americans who oppose this radical regime—either accommodating, or perhaps, unthinking.  No, I have not signed a secession petition, but that in no way means I am not on “The List.” 

I fully understand the sentiments of the millions of Americans who are numb from the horror of the communist takeover of our nation.  The astonishing and impossible election results are a perverse body blow to those of us with functioning brains who know how hated this criminal administration is by a majority of Americans.  We are now panicky with dread in the knowledge that there is literally nothing that can stop these lawless enemies of America from completing the destruction of our precious,Constitutional Republic.  Do not imagine that the so-called Republicans in the House, or even the Senate, will lift a finger to stop Obama and the communist Democrats; they won’t. 

As I said, I understand the intentions of those who eagerly sign the secession petitions, although I believe it is futile, and possibly even dangerous, to sign such petitions that simply add your name to a White House database and have no chance of stopping the crook Obama.  However, with the amazing surveillance technology at this government’s disposal, I am not foolish enough to think this all-powerful regime does not already have a line on the America-loving Patriots in this nation, even nobodies like me, who have been publicly and firmly speaking out against them since before Obama was installed in ‘09. 

We are now subjects, not citizens.  The American Revolution was fought so that we could become free citizens in a sovereign nation, instead of colonial subjects of the fascist British Crown, but we have come full-circle back to the tyranny our forefathers fought valiantly to escape.  And, without a revolution of the heart of this nation, a turning back to God, we will not be able to recapture our freedoms lost to the neo-tyranny of the Obama administration. 

I am certain Barack Obama is part of God’s judgment against America for its many grievous sins. America has collectively spit in the Lord’s face and scoffed at His just and true laws one too many times.  The baby-killing of abortion, the stupidly “proud” homosexual movement, and the taste for in-your-face debauchery and all manner of wickedness embraced by Americans—all this has sown a crop of destruction for this nation. Americawill pay its sin debt, and the people will suffer for it. 

This is not to say that we will give up fighting for our country.  We won’t.  We will continue to speak out against this criminal regime and its disregard for the rule of law and limits on its power as long as we are able. 

But, we must remember that the real battle is being waged in the spirit realm.  It is the battle between the forces of good and evil for the hearts, minds and souls of men.  While it may seem that Satan’s forces are prevailing—and they will prevail for a season—ultimately Jesus has already won this war against sin and death; He won it at the Cross, and He will soon be back to put the Royal Smack-Down of All Time on the enemies of God.  Please make sure you are on His side when He comes back.


2 Responses to “Secession Craze in Post-Coup America”

  • Dawn Dickinson says:


    Well Hallelujah! I had concern that you were in a deep despair over the loss of the election. I’m so glad to see that you are well and, well, still mad as hell!

    You do provide some light entertainment. I am anticipating that you and Bob and all the rest of the whacko’s on the extreme fringe do continue your wasted efforts!

    However, I would make one request beyond that. Please leave the republican party and form your own fascist, theocratic, Taliban style, religious goof-ball party of your own. You (RECTALS, Republican Extremists Capable of Taliban Stupidity)people have destroyed a once credible, politically potent party and made it effectively neutered! It will take us “RINO’s” (rather proud of that term) some number of years to rebuild and become once again viable. However, I expect to be around long enough to see that happen.

    Now, go away! We have a lot of work to do!

  • Ed Doran says:

    I agree, the election was stolen. Our voting system is broken. “it doesn’t matter who votes, it only matters who counts the votes”. So what do we do about it?

    Until we control the voting, and the counting, process, it doesn’t matter who our candidate is, or what his/her platform entails, conservatives simply cannot win another election.

    I’m one of the original members of our local Tea Party. The group has unofficially disbanded. I’m in the processing of trying to re-vitalize it. However, I’m afraid this voter fraud issue is beyond our reach as a local Tea Party group. I believe it is time for conservatives to develop new strategies, and to form new alliances to identify and eliminate the cancer that is destroying our once-great country.

    This is a great article by Gina Miller, and it ties in with some of my thinking. One of the things I want to do is reach out to the Republican Governors Association to encourage them to forcefully address the voter fraud issue from a state level. Maybe the theft of the election will bring us back to the principles of the Constitution. The states can stop most of this BS. They don’t need to secede, they just need to stand up to the over-reaching federal government based on their rights as outlined in the Tenth Amendment.

    Anyhow, in looking for new alliances, I’m reaching out to you for possible ideas and suggestions on how we can fight the corruption and absolute evil that is Barack Obama and his minions.

    I’m not a conspiracy theorists or a right wing radical. I’m just a retired business man, ex soldier, conservative Christian who wants to take our country back. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,

    Ed Doran