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The following was written by Gina Miller. Her opinions don’t necessarily reflect those of, but because they’re here, they probably do.

Well knock me down with a feather!  Who could’ve seen this coming? 

Our President!

Barack Obama continues to show his rear end to the United States, and on Friday at a White House Islamic celebration dinner in front of a group of Muslims, he gave his strong support for the construction of a monster mosque next to Ground Zero in New York. 

During his remarks, Obama employed the classic Islamic tactic of taqiyya, or religious deception, in the false statements he made.  Of course, it could easily be argued that when Obama lies, he’s speaking his native language. 

He brought up the proposed Ground Zero mosque and said, 

“But let me be clear. As a citizen, and as President, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country.  And that includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in Lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances. This is America. And our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable. The principle that people of all faiths are welcome in this country and that they will not be treated differently by their government is essential to who we are. The writ of the Founders must endure.”

So, Obama suddenly cares about the laws of the Founders?  Yeah, right.  This is not a freedom of religion issue.  The construction of buildings has nothing to do with the First Amendment to the Constitution.  Islamists are free to practice their detestable “religion” here in America, but no one is free to construct a building any darned where they please!  And there are plenty of questions surrounding the process of approval for the mosque by the city of New York, and there will be legal challenges to it. 

Obama also stated, 

“And let us also remember who we’re fighting against, and what we’re fighting for. Our enemies respect no religious freedom. Al Qaeda’s cause is not Islam -– it’s a gross distortion of Islam. These are not religious leaders -– they’re terrorists who murder innocent men and women and children.” 

I’m wondering who he means by “our enemies.”  Islamists do not respect freedom of religion–not at all.  And Al Qaeda is Islam.  They are not distorting it!  That’s taqiyya 101–the claim that terrorists have hijacked Islam, and that Islam is a religion of peace; those are lies from the pit of hell. 

Obama’s whoppers continued, 

“And tonight, we are reminded that Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity. And Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been a part of America.” 

What is he talking about?  Diversity?  Is he kidding?  Where is the “diversity” in Islam, with its hellish, murderous hatred for Jewish people and Christians?  And how does he figure that Islam has “always been a part of America?”  Maybe he means the Muslim Barbary pirates who, in the 18th and early 19th centuries, attacked our merchant ships and killed and enslaved the men on board.  Even then, those African Muslims were not a part of America; nor were there any Muslim Founding Fathers.  He’s attempting to rewrite American history to one that simply does not exist. 

In reporting on Obama’s support of the mosque, Abby Phillip, writing in the Politico, attempted to say that only conservatives and 9-11 families are opposed to the proposed Ground Zero mosque.  She wrote,  

“President Barack Obama on Friday endorsed a controversial plan to build a mosque and Islamic center just blocks from Ground Zero in Manhattan, despite the strong objections of conservatives, the ADL and those who lost loved ones in the September 11 attacks.  …As perhaps the White House had anticipated, the reaction from conservatives and at least one 9/11 rescue worker was swift and angry.” 

Only conservatives are opposed to it?  That’s a load of bunk.  When a poll by the leftist CNN  shows 68 percent of respondents in America are against the mosque being built at Ground Zero, you know the actual figure is likely closer to 80 percent, maybe more.  In that poll, 54 percent of Democrats also opposed the mosque.  I guess the Politico didn’t get that memo, even though Ms. Phillip cited the CNN poll in her article.   

Strangely, Ms. Phillip’s article downplayed the number of deaths at Ground Zero, claiming that “more than 2000″ people were killed.  While that statement is technically true, it was just under 3000 people who were killed at Ground Zero, and some sources put the number of dead over 3000. Let’s not forget the 225 people killed at the Pentagon and in the Pennsylvania field.  Why would Ms. Phillip try to diminish the image of the number of people murdered on 9-11?  Does she somehow imagine that will make the Ground Zero mosque more palatable? 

On Wednesday, Obama sent out merry Ramadan wishes to the Muslim world.  He claimed that Ramadan, 

“…remind[s] us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”  

It is apparent that Barack Obama has no use for the truth.  That whole line is nothing but a big, fat lie.  When I think of justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings, the very last thing that comes to mind is Islam.  In fact, Islam is the antithesis of all those things!  Obama must really think we’re all a bunch of idiots out here–that if he says it, we’ll buy it.  Well that ain’t happening! 

So, it’s no surprise at all that Obama backs the proposed Ground Zero mosque.  This man is an enemy of our country, and it only stands to reason that he would side with our enemies.  This is just one more entry on Obama’s resume’ of anti-American “leadership.” 

Originally from Texas, Gina is a graduate of William Carey College in Gulfport, MS, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Gina currently presents an audio blog on News Radio 104.9 FM in Biloxi, MS. Her blogs can be heard twice weekly on the Kipp Gregory morning show.


One Response to “Shocker! Obama Supports Ground Zero Mosque”

  • Ross Wolf says:

    Obama a red diaper baby, inherently does not represent Americans, but a Marxist ideology that intends to cause civil unrest and economic chaos to force socialism or worse on U.S. Citizens, crushing non-believers even at the costs of destroying the economy, certainly the U.S. Constitution.

    America’s greatest threat is not from foreign enemies, but Marxists that slithered into our government; that may represent the objectives and goal of our enemies.

    While Obama touts First Amendment and other Constitutional rights (which Marxists hold in disdain)to support building the Ground Zero mosque, Obama and his NeoMarxists are in the process of crushing Free Speech of Americans, getting passed laws and regulations that will cripple bloggers and other alternative media from communicating real news that Citizens, grass-roots organizations and others depend on to make informed decisions.

    Obama’s support of the DISCLOSE Act confirmed what many Americans believed; that Obama intends to strangle the flow of information. If Obama and his leftist associates get their way, our Children will be brainwashed by Obama’s one-sided propaganda at school, through Obama controlled Radio, TV and Obama media policies that will crush the flow of free information.

    Historically when Marxists have attempted or taken over a country, their first step is to control the media and all forms of public communications to control the Civilians populations. Considering Obama’s obsession with controlling media, one might ask, are some of the persons inside and outside U.S. Government, that work with the Obama administration to push the Disclose Act and other government censorship, involved in causes that promulgate overthrow of the United States? Some in the Obama Government openly state they support dismantling capitalism, but does their endgame include destruction of the United States? If capitalism, free enterprise were dismantled most jobs in America would be vaporized.

    Historically Marxist governments have made communism work by murdering civilian populations considered not critical until populations are reduced to a level an unproductive communist government can support; and by cannibalizing assets they stole from arrested and killed Citizens. The Obama administration has already taken the first step, using its government power to censor and silence his critics.

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