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The following was submitted by Kevin Crosby. He is a software engineer, conservative, and independent contributor to His opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the administration of He can be reached at [email protected]

Here are some interesting facts that I stole from my friends over at Casey Research this morning.

The national debt is $13.3 trillion today. Based on what these dunderheads are doing in Washington DC, this will be $24 trillion by 2017. Our GDP today is $14.5 trillion. If interest rates in 2017 are 5%, we will be paying $1.2 trillion per year in interest. If they are 10%, we will be paying $2.4 trillion per year in interest. The total revenue of the federal government in FY10 is $2.4 trillion.

A couple of observations. I think that comparing this years government revenue and GDP with what might happen in 2017 is meaningless. If government continues its rampage, the debt will be one hell of lot higher than the projected $24 trillion and the revenue paid to the government beast will be a lot less than the $2.4 trillion of today.

Now I suppose that some of you are wondering why I’m bringing this up. Well, I think that I have figured out how to pay for all of this and there is going to be some fun in this for some of you.

All of you young people need to stop using birth control. Now wait! There is a good reason for this. Somebody will have to pay for all this debt that we are creating and the only way that is going to happen is if you young folks stop having sex for the fun of it. You need to get busy and start pounding out babies like the rabbits in my back yard that are consuming my garden.

In other words we need you to start creating future tax payers so they can grow up and create more tax payers that will be available to satisfy all this debt we are creating. If we are going to continue robbing Peter to pay Paul than you young folks need to start using your peters to create more Peters. Simple as that.

Now don’t worry if you think you might not be able to pay for all the expenses of having children. Not a problem. If you get into debt problems I’m sure that the government will step up to the plate and give you a little hand out. We’ll just add a little to the debt that the tax payers you are creating will have to pay in the future. Not a problem.

There is one problem with all of this that I haven’t figured out yet. I’m afraid that at some point the new tax payers that you are creating might figure out that they are the chumps getting stuck with the bill. I suppose you could try and justify it to them by saying that, “Well, at one point I was the chump that got handed the bill, so now its your turn”. Now that I think about it, that probably won’t work too well. Maybe if the issue comes up it would be wiser to just leave town and let someone else deal with it. Kind of like the national debt.

The long and the short of this is that you young folks growing up in this country hoping to have a future better wake up. You are the chumps. If you can live with that than keep your collective mouths shut and continue to act like sheep. If not, then I would suggest that you wake up to the fact you personally have the ability to change all this at the voting booth. Choose wisely as Paul will always be waiting to be satisfied by some chump named Peter.

4 Responses to “Some Thoughts On The National Debt”

  • A R Glover says:

    “get busy and start pounding out babies like the rabbits in my back yard that are consuming my garden.”

    “If you can live with that than keep your collective mouths shut and continue to act like sheep. If not…”

    Fine article and thanks, for the chuckles. Kevin Crosby, a writer whose education is paying off.

  • Admin says:

    Kevin is a hoot…I enjoy his writings.

  • Ross Wolf says:

    The Government’s New Genius Idea: Only $1,000 Down Payment For Poor People To Buy A House.

    $1,000 down payment to buy a home is effectively no down payment and amounts to renting with 100% government insured financing. Real Estate Brokers won’t work selling homes where there is no equity to pay their commission. In such cases homeowners usually walk leaving a house to foreclosure, bringing down home values in a neighborhood.

    If this government experiment proliferates, making mortgages to home buyers with a mere $1,000 down payment, it will not only cost taxpayers billions covering no down payment foreclosures, it will force homes values down to where Americans may find it economically safer to rent not own. The Obama government could effectively socialize home ownership, transferring homeowner equities to the poor, making homes so undesirable as an investment that once valuable homes would sell and rent dirt cheap as poor housing. Subsequently, Government would not have to sell homes to the poor for a $1,000 down payment as home ownership plummeted, but provide millions of abandoned homes free or cheap rent to millions of poor. If the Obama government’s socialized housing proliferates it could in Obama’s own words, “level the playing field” destroying the value of Americans’ number one free enterprise investment their home. Next would be other investment properties like apartment buildings. Most Americans’ savings have been the equity in their home. Once that is destroyed most Americans will have nothing. Historically when Citizens have little or nothing, they will support a socialist or communist government.

  • Admin says:

    Thoughtful commentary, as always….Thanks, Ross!

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