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The following was written by Regina Parker, an eleventh grade student at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. In 2005, she published her children’s book “Let Freedom Ring” through the charity Kids DOnate, Inc. When she’s not writing, Regina stays busy playing Varsity tennis, running, tracking politics, and leading an active Red Cross club at her school. A certified single-engine private pilot, Regina hopes to one day exercise her Second Amendment rights when she becomes legal age.   

The clock strikes ten Zulu at School#15.  Herds of students cram through the iron gates. The halls echo with rhythmic marching and reek of caffeine-free coffee brewing at the Teacher Appreciation Buffet.  The children hastily secure their badges and hide toys in their backpacks before reaching the Guards. 

“Hey guys, check out my new iphone. My Dad bought it for me since I brushed my teeth this entire week!” Li, a gutsy seventh grader, surreptitiously shows off her new device.  “It was only ten thousand Euros at The Store. It can play 267 movies at one time, change colors depending on your mood, and even TimeWarp!” 

Augusto takes notice, “How’s the call reception?” 

 “I didn’t buy the calling feature… how unoriginal…”

 To read this entry in it’s entirety, along with some wonderful illustrations, please go to:

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