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Our Heroic Troops Making Us Proud!


The offensive launched into Marjah, Afghanistan has good intentions. We chase out Taliban fighters, then woo the locals with goodies like farming assistance, running water, and police security. However, the battle plan has some idiocy built into it.

Little known to most people reading this is our war leaders’ decision to create Rules of Engagement (ROE) so difficult to follow that our troops can’t operate.  Those rules currently say that our troops can’t fire on anyone that doesn’t show hostile intent or does not commit a hostile act. What does this mean?

It means our snipers can’t shoot insurgents running across the street unless they shoot at us first. It means that the insurgents can move around on the battlefield without challenge until they fire their weapons. It means, simply, that our politicians and the generals that serve them won’t allow our troops to fight and win.  

It appears that we didn’t learn any lessons from Iraq, when our troops were slaughtered from snipers in Mosques that we couldn’t fire upon. It means we haven’t learned the lessons of Viet Nam, where we gave back half the real estate so many boys died to get.

It means that an idiot named Obama has his liberal hands in a war he has no business fighting and we have no chance of winning as long as he is fighting it.

Our President called up 30,000 troops that aren’t allowed to pull the trigger of their rifles. What’s wrong with this picture?

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