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There is a new group of people, calling themselves “The Other 95%”, that have decided that they will counter-protest the Tea Party events. Now, when viewing the video at the bottom of this post, pay careful attention to the banner from “The Other 95%”. There are two people holding it in the middle of a sea of Tea Party protesters. Other than those two, you can spot one other 95%’er in the group….the rest are Tea Party people.
What the liberals will do to demonstrate that anyone thinks the way they do is astonishing, to say the least.

The liberal lefty Huffington Post (gag, puke), reports this:

The Tea Partiers are being countered by a start-up group called “The Other 95%,” which descended on D.C. on Thursday to protest “right across from Tea Party rally.”

“Obama passed 25 separate tax cuts,” Sheryl Stein, founding member of “The Other 95%” said in a statement announcing the group’s plans, “including $300 billion in middle class tax cuts — one of the largest in history – as part of the stimulus package. Unlike President Bush’s 2001 tax cuts, which went to the wealthiest 2.2%, President Obama’s tax cuts overwhelmingly benefit working and middle class families — in fact, 95% of all Americans.”

Here’s the video…watch carefully:

2 Responses to “The Other 95% Group”

  • jimbo says:

    “Obama is a radical communist and I think it is becoming clear. He is going to destroy this country and we are either going to stop him or the United States of America is going to cease to exist.”

    - Alan Keyes

  • Admin says:

    Ya got that right, Jimbo.

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